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By Royal Appointment

Our history dates back over 70 years to Gerald Benney who reinvented the ancient craft of goldsmithing, just as peers like Terence Conran, David Mellor or Robin and Lucienne Day transformed furniture or graphic design.  Having graduated from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Gerald's first landmark achievement was developing the 'Benney bark' finish, a signature technique that would establish him and his Benney Partnership business as an icon of modern design. Working regularly for the Royal Family, Gerald was the first British craftsman to hold four Royal Warrants simultaneously.

Simon Benney, Gerald's son, took over the business in the 1990s and also took over from Gerald as goldsmith to the Royal Family.  Whilst Benney Partnership continues to produce some of the world's finest silver, gold and enamelware, House of Benney has expanded this rich history and is today one of the most prestigious luxury jewellers in the world.

Over the years, Benney pieces have been commissioned by or given to many famous names and institutions, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher and George & Barbara Bush.  The formal dining set at 10 Downing Street which is still in use today was made by Benney (having been commissioned by The Silver Trust), and the V&A hold a collection of over 30 pieces.

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Our History


Gerald Benney won a place at the Royal College of Art, London, where he was awarded a Prince of Wales scholarship in his first year.


Gerald founded Benney Partnership, focusing on gold and silverware.


Early 1960s

The style of Gerald's work starts to become instantly recognisable as 'Benney', and the textured surfaces start to appear which are today known as 'Benney Bark'.

Late 1960s

Aware of a growing revival in objets d'art, and a desire to add more colour to his work, Benney starts to experiment with enamelling, learning from a maestro who had previously worked with Carl Faberge.


Simon Benney takes over Benney Partnership from his father, and continues the family tradition of holding all four Royal Warrants.


Simon Benney founds House of Benney, a sister company to Benney Partnership focused on producing luxury jewellery, taking inspiration from texturing and enamelling which are such well-known Benney features.


Simon designs and manufactures The Three Graces Candelabra, which is the most valuable modern silver commission since World War 2.


Benney Partnership and House of Benney feature in their own episode of BBC documentary "Handmade by Royal Appointment", a series which followed four Royal Warrant holders.


Simon Benney still runs both Benney Partnership and House of Benney.  He retains both current Royal Warrants and continues to produce pieces for various members of the Royal Family, including for King Charles and the Queen Consort in celebration of their Coronation.


House of Benney launches the NHS Pendant, a specially Simon Benney-designed limited edition Silver and enamel pendant, from which all profits went to the NHS Charities Together.


Simon begins designing and making silver object d'art for 'The Most Revered Name In Jewellery'Fabergé.


Gerald Benney designs and manufactures The Commonwealth Mace, which was presented to The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth on the 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

About House of Benney

About House of Benney

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