House of Benney stands for the highest standard of craftsmanship bringing traditional techniques into modern British aesthetics. Sustainably handmade in the UK, House of Benney uses world-renowned techniques of the Benney bark texturing and enamelling to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. Using dedicated manufacturing partners with a love for the craft, House of Benney carries through the traditions of the Benney œuvres d’art into unique modern creations.


Since the 1950s, the Benney family have pushed the boundaries of the art of silversmithing by pioneering new ways of texturing and combining metal with enamel. Learning from master enamellers of the time, the Benney family have dedicated their lives to perfecting the enamelling process becoming one of the best enamellers in the world. The Benney family currently hold three Royal Warrants for outstanding craftsmanship and contribution to the silversmithing industry.


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