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In 2016, the famous site Onlyfans was founded. To date, he has over thirty million subscribers. The creator of Onlyfans was the thirty-three-year-old British entrepreneur Timothy Stokely from London. Leonid Radvinsky played a big role in the development of the site. In 2018, he bought out 75% of Only Fans and after that the popularity of the Internet platform began to grow. Onlyfans gained popularity because it has a lot of adult entertainment, and there is also erotic content. The site was created specifically for publishing adult content 18+. Initially, the users of the Onlyfans Internet platform were fitness trainers, chefs, creative people who created, published content and received money for it. At the moment, the site is added mainly content for adults 18+. The Internet platform allows the authors of the pages to get a good income. To do this, you need to create explicit content and put it on OnlyFans. This is a paid site. However, there is also free access. Some authors have not only a paid page, but also a free one. This is how they draw the attention of the Onlyfans audience to their account. Frank plums on Onlyfans cannot be obtained for free, they are only in paid access. The author himself sets the cost of a subscription to his account. In addition, the blogger is given the opportunity to set a price for individual posts and photos in private messages. The site hosts a lot of full photo leaks, videos of famous models, actresses and simply attractive girls. It is worth noting that only persons who are at least 18 years old can be the author of content on Onlyfans. This is strictly monitored by the site administration. Only Fans takes privacy seriously and protects bloggers' content from being hacked. They do not allow copyright infringement, this is monitored by a special site team.

Алена Смирнова

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